Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Visit to Tulkarem Bakery

Visit Tulkarem Bakery
March 5 ..I could not got any internet connection for 2 days now . so this is what i wanted to share with you all ..Yesterday , i did an effort to go To Tulkarem to check on our first project .. although the trip was not pleasant ...I have to go to Ramallah through the Kalandia check point , now the wall is complete .. it look so awful .. And it took an hour and half to reach Tulkarem after that . every thing looked ok at the bakery .. and they were so happy to see me there .. and i listened to some women's story .. I tried to listen as much as i can . but i wanted to go back before dark to jerusalem , the trip took almost 3 hours ..

At night i met with our friend Nicole from the woodland , she is there mainly to finish here book and have some interviews with some Palestinians women's . so i let here meet with my friend Terry Bulltah .. she is the first Christen Lady was prisoner in an Israeli jail .. She did talk about here experience there and he fighting now against the Injustice ..

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Hanan Patel said...

Thank you Sahhour for keeping your promise!
It is so heartwarming to let us share your experiences in the Holy Land on a daily basis. The pictures make it so real for us!
We really appreciate your efforts to keep us posted.
Take care of yourself.
Miss you tons.