Monday, March 3, 2008

TLV Airport

I just want to tell you that I did arrived safely .. but not comfortably .. any way I will not go through this airport again , even if somebody gave me a free Business class ticket .. that was my feeling when I left the Airport . but the minute I saw the Dome of the rock with my eyes .. forget all that .. Let me say this again .. it is Holy city .....!


Hanan Patel said...

Hamdellah a2la salmtek Sahhour.
Keep up that positive outlook that you have beautifully mastered.
You are in our thoughts and prayers.

sahartravel said...

Thank you my dear ,, i am trying .. but for God sack as much as it is beatiuful city , it is so depessing . but i trained my self before i come here , on how not to get mad .. Here i always remember Ghandi and his massege to the Palestinian poeple . fight peacefully .